I’m an LA native artist who’s been living on the east coast since my acceptance to RISD in 2007. My friends thought I was crazy for leaving the California warmth and sunshine to move across the country for late nights in frigid and drafty studios. Despite the cold, the opportunity to learn from some of the best art professors in the world compelled me, and I’m so glad I made the move because my experience at RISD completely changed my life.

Confident in my fine art abilities, I left LA intending to enter RISD’s illustration degree program, but after a grueling, sleep-deprived, and red-eye-opening foundation year, I decided to continue pushing my boundaries and pledged myself to Apparel. Though fashion had always been a passion of mine, I realized very quickly that aside from being a pro shopper, I knew close to nothing about fashion design. I had never sewn anything, and despite having a background in live figure drawing, fashion croquis seemed extraterrestrial. But after hours upon hours of hard work, what I called ‘daily blood’ from pricking myself on many needles, and absolute dedication, in my senior year I was one of five students distinguished in RISD’s ‘Collection 2011: The Top Work of Emerging Apparel Designers’ publication. I have interned at Rodarte, rag + bone and DVF, worked numerous fashion shows and photoshoots, and have created designs sold on QVC.

I felt like something was missing I wanted to be doing more drawing, painting, designing, and boundary pushing. So, I enrolled in FIT’s Textile and Surface Design program, decidedly the best way to enhance both my apparel degree and satiate my inner artistic beast. Fast forward a year, and my work was selected to be exhibited in FIT’s famed art gallery- not too shabby!

Now I’m here, hoping you like my work, looking for my next boundary to surpass.